We Sell Good Condition Used Tires

The used tires that we sell are in a very good condition and they are all guaranteed to pass the state inspection and an average of 6 over 30 seconds of an inch in tread depth, usually a minimum of 230 seconds of and inch would pass inspection, after we install the used tires and mounted we check them for leak and make sure they have no leak, when we sell used tires, we sell them balanced, so we will balance the used tires for you with different kinds of balance, some of them are static balance some others are regular balance.
We carry high performance low profile used tires, we use the stick on weight that is invisible because it goes on inside the rim so you can't see it from the outside but the tire will be well balanced.
We sell our used tires in singles, sometimes we have very good pairs, and many times we have sets of 4 used tires, and usually it is very hard to find a set of 4 for used tires.
We give 1 month warranty on used tires with unlimited mileage, if for any reason the customer comes within the period of 1 month having a problem with the used tires that we installed, we will replace the used tire no question asked.
We have repeated business because we've been in the business of used tires now for 5 years and for the general auto repair we've been here for over 15 years, we have very good word of mouth repeat business, which is a sign that we are providing good service and good used tires and car repair for our customers.

Benefits of Used Tires: Good Quality at a Low Price

If you cannot afford a set of new tires, you can get a used tire that can last you for 18 month or 2 years depending on your driving habits, as far as a price you will pay around less than half the price of the new tire close to 35 percent of the price of a new tire.

New Tires

We sell new tires with 40,000 miles warranty